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Aim of this script is to make hmmsearches faster without sacrificing any sensitivity.
HMMaccel can be downloaded HERE.
The archive should contain three files: a readme, a configuration file and the perl script.
To run the program you will need a perl interpreter and local installations of both PSIBLAST(1) and HMMER(2) (and make sure they work).

Alignment in fasta format.
Program parameters as read from the configuration file (hmmaccel.conf).

1. kickstart a psiblast run with the input alignment, search for ONE round.
2. extract all full-length sequences with hits up to a very high evalue (def: evalue=1000) to be sure to have no false negatives.
3. build a HMM from the input alignment.
4. calibrate the HMM.
5. run HMMsearch against this smaller database.

this generally speeds up a HMMsearch by a factor of 20 or more (5 min. instead of 1.5 hours for a search against nr.)

Additionally there is also the possibility to convert the hmmsearch hits into a multiple alignment.
1. extract the hmmsearch hits (only the domains that hit)
2. realign these domains to the HMM using HMMalign
3. convert Stockholm format to fasta

*.db sub-database used in the search (generated via psiblast).
*.hmm HMM built from the input alignment.
*.hms HMMsearch results.
*.hln HMMalign output file (Stockholm format).
*.hln.fasta fasta version of the alignment.

Hope you find the program helpful.

1) Altschul, S., Madden, T., Schaffer, A., Zhang, J., Zhang, Z., Miller, W., and Lipman, D. (1997) Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs. Nucl. Acids Res., 25 (17), 3389-3402.
2) Eddy, S. (1998) Profile hidden Markov models. Bioinformatics, 14(9), 755-763.